WaferX 310 specs

WaferX 310 specifications

  • Size of wafer: 300mm, 200mm, and 150mm
  • Simultaneous analysis elements: 21 channels max., Fixed type (4Be ~92U), Scanning type (22Ti ~92U)
  • X-ray tube: Rh target, 4kW max.
  • X-ray generator: Solid-state, oil-free
  • Aperture: 10mm, 20mm, 40mm diameter with automatic changer
  • Detector SC, S-PC, F-PC (PR gas required for F-PC)
  • Sample stage XYZθ drive
  • Analysis spot designation: r, θspec, r: 1mm unit, θ: 1° unit; X, Y spec 1mm unit; mouse and keyboard input available.
  • Sample rotation mechanism: Available for center-point analysis, 3rpm
  • Evacuation load: lock chamber
  • Cassette  - 300mm: Open cassette or FOUP (13 or 25 wafers)
                  - 200mm, 150mm: 25- or 26- wafer open cassette, orientation flat/notch alignment
  • Vacuum pump: Dry pump
  • Stabilizing system: Temperature stabilizer, Automatic vacuum control system
  • Heat exchanger: Deionized wafer circulation system, plate-type
  • Data processing system: PC with Windows 7, Film thickness/concentration simultaneous analysis software, Fundamental Parameters software for thin film analysis
  • Safety standard: Complies with SEMI S2-0310
  • Others: SMIF, FFU, through-wall configurations, etc.