RAPID II software

RAPID II software


CrystalClear is the data collection and analysis package designed for single crystal data. Based on Rigaku's easy-to-use flow bar user interface, CrystalClear walks the user through steps required to collect and prepare a data set for structure determination. Includes data collection, image display, indexing, space group determination, integration, scaling and absorption correction. Also included is Rigaku's TwinSolve, a powerful and flexible twin-handling package to index and integrate data from twinned samples.

Optional software

Optional software packages include 2DP, 3D Explore and PDXL.

2DP is a general purpose 2D data processing software package offering 2D image processing and integration for powder and other polycrystalline materials.

3D Explore is a state-of-the-art display package for reciprocal space mapping and pole figure analysis.

The PDXL powder diffraction suite offers modules for basic powder diffraction analysis, automated search match, Rietveld refinement, powder pattern simulations, crystallite size determination, and percent crystallinity.