A cutting-edge instrument for all your crystallography needs

An upgradeable single crystal X-ray diffractometer for structural analysis of small molecule samples

XtaLAB Synergy-i

The XtaLAB Synergy-i single crystal X-ray diffractometer includes a high-flux, low maintenance microfocus sealed tube X-ray instrument with a high precision 4-circle kappa goniometer and Rigaku’s own Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) X-ray detector known as the HyPix-Bantam. The XtaLAB Synergy-i contains the latest technology and can be upgraded from a single source to a dual source instrument. The system can be equipped with Cu and/or Mo sources allowing for a broad range of sample types to be evaluated. The XtaLAB Synergy-i is controlled by the fully-integrated, user-inspired CrysAlisPro software package that is capable of collecting and processing data efficiently and accurately, so you achieve the best data possible.

The XtaLAB Synergy-i is a full-featured single crystal X-ray diffractometer that requires little servicing to maximize uptime and throughput. It is the ideal diffractometer for crystallography research laboratories.


Whether you select a dual source microfocus configuration or a single source microfocus configuration the XtaLAB Synergy-i contains the latest technology, from the sources to the detector.

  • The scintillator-free hybrid photon counting (HPC) detector has been designed by Rigaku to ensure cutting-edge performance with true digital photon counting technology for unparalleled sensitivity.
  • The microfocus PhotonJet- i sources (Cu/Mo), available in dual or single source configurations, have low power consumption, yet provide high flux in order to study a variety of sample types.
  • The 4-circle Kappa goniometer ensures that the most efficient data coverage is achieved even for the lowest symmetry P1 samples whether Cu or Mo radiation is used.
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  • Up to 50 W microfocus X-ray tube with multilayer optics
  • High precision 4-circle kappa goniometer
  • State-of-the-art HPC technology detector, the HyPix-Bantam
  • New cabinet design with controlled sample and cabinet lighting
  • The system conforms to the most stringent of X-ray safety guidelines
  • CrysAlisPro: Powerful, user-friendly software, comes standard with AutoChem3.0 for fully-automated structure solution and refinement
  • Simple dual-source upgrade

High Pressure Kit

This adapter kit enables high pressure research using diamond anvil cells (DAC).
*Please check with your local sales person if your DAC is supported

High Pressure Kit
Oxford Cryo 800

The Oxford Cryostream Cooler: The 800 Series Cryostream is the most robust, efficient and user-friendly liquid nitrogen based low temperature system available today. Specific features include a superior laminar flow system, meaning virtually zero risk of icing, extremely quiet running and a fast-start system resulting in a cool-down time to 100K of just 20 minutes.

Oxford Cryo 800
Oxford Cobra

The Oxford Cobra is the non-liquid nitrogen Cryostream. Combining the efficiency of a Cryostream with the advantages of a non-liquid system, the Cobra offers the ultimate solution for both macromolecular and small molecule crystallography.

Oxford Cobra

CrysAlisPro v40

Now with full 64 bit compatibility!

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction single crystal X-ray diffractometers come complete with CrysAlisPro, our user-inspired data collection and data processing software for small molecule and protein crystallography. Designed around an easy-to-use graphical user interface, CrysAlisPro can be operated under fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual control.

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The latest release, CrysAlisPro v.40, is now fully 64 bit compatible and ready for the future. As modern diffractometers increase in performance and speed, your experiments generate bigger and bigger images and datasets. Additionally, supporting large detectors with very high pixel counts, such as those more commonly found at synchrotrons, requires large amounts of memory. Moving to 64 bit gives applications access to more memory, enabling the handling of these very large image sizes and data sets.

Expanded support for older Rigaku instrumentation and third party hardware is also in this release.

See below for other new software features that have recently been introduced.

How to get CrysAlisPro

The software is freely available for users of Rigaku Oxford Diffraction single crystal X-ray instruments and can be downloaded from our forum. Please register at http://www.rigakuxrayforum.com. Any queries related to the software may be answered on the forum.

CrysAlisPro: Seamless from start to finish

CrysAlisPro combines automated crystal screening, the fastest and most accurate strategy software available, concurrent data reduction and automatic small molecule structure solution. Visual feedback is provided for each step with clear, color-coded guidance so that both novices and experts can collect high-quality data in the shortest time possible.

CrysAlisPro is built on a command line interface and the GUI retains full manual control options for those that want them. It is your choice how to analyse your data.

CrysAlisPro processes data using sophisticated algorithms to provide the highest quality data. As technology or approaches change, our software team incorporates these to further advance data analysis and processing.

CrysAlisPro screen
Processing of challenging and non-standard data collections

CrysAlisPro Ewald3D

CrysAlisPro contains a comprehensive and highly effective range of tools for tackling a wide range of samples from easy to challenging, and non-standard crystal samples. For example, EwaldExplorer and Ewald 3D (NEW!) easily identify effects, problems or artifacts in difficult or problematic datasets.

Ewald3D allows visualization of measured reciprocal space in 3-dimensions and in an undistorted way. Identifying diffuse scatter, modulation, subtle twinning, or incorrect instrument models is quick and easy with this brand new feature.

Supporting a range of crystallographic setups and applications

In addition to standard data collection routines, CrysAlisPro contains tools for working with non-standard experimental setups and sample types, including:

  • High pressure data collections
  • Variable temperature and multi-wavelength experiments
  • Powder experiments (data collection and processing)
  • Automatic screening or full data collections of several in situ protein crystals
  • Highly absorbing samples
  • Up to 8-fold twinned samples
  • Charge density measurements
  • Absolute structure determination
Software Compatibility

Exporting frames or data from CrysAlisPro into suitable alternative formats such as mosFLM, XDS, Denzo (HKL 2000) or another Esperanto format is easily achieved. Use CrysAlisPro’s data collection strategy to achieve the best data coverage in the quickest possible time and then automatically output into HKLF format for small molecule datasets or into the MTZ format for protein datasets.

CrysAlisPro is used by numerous research groups to process their synchrotron data. Our software is capable of importing data from several different detector types; known or unknown.


AutoChem is the ultimate productivity tool for small molecule chemists, offering fast, fully automatic structure solution and refinement during data collection. Developed in collaboration with OlexSys Ltd (Durham University, UK), AutoChem works in conjunction with Olex2 where more advanced structure solution and refinement functionality exists. AutoChem is seamlessly integrated within CrysAlisPro, and forms an integral part of our ‘What is this?’ feature.

The ‘What is this?’ feature gives you structures in seconds and ensures you are not wasting time collecting full datasets on known samples or starting materials. It is an alternative pre-experiment option, which is used to plan your full data collections.

CrysAlisPro flow

ELement ANalyzer

Elemental analysis attachment for single crystals

The ELement ANalyzer is a state-of-the-art attachment that allows us to obtain qualitative information on elements in a single crystal at the same time as X-ray diffraction data collection for a single crystal structural analysis. By measuring the X-ray fluorescence spectrum emitted during X-ray diffraction experiments with the ELement ANalyzer, it becomes possible to perform elemental analysis on a single grain of crystal. The ELement ANalyzer can be used for confirmation the presence of central metal(s) in a mononuclear or polynuclear complex or solvent in a crystal for small molecule X-ray crystallography. There is a broad range of possible applications of the ELement ANalyzer in scientific fields.
ELAL Figure 1

Determine the presence and type of central metal in a metal complex

ELAL Figure 2

Confirmation of counter ion exchange

ELAL Figure 3

Evaluation of heavy atom derivative

ELAL Figure 4

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