X-ray sources - tubes to rotating anodes

MultiMax-9   MultiMax-9
Multi-purpose rotating anode X-ray generator
  MicroMax-007   MicroMax-007 HF
Microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator
  FR-X   FR-X
High intensity microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator
MicroMax-003   MicroMax-003
Microfocus high-intensity sealed tube X-ray source
  NSI   ultraX 18
18 kW X-ray source that can produce point or line focus beams
  NSI   Newton
Scientific, Inc.

Miniature sealed X-ray tubes

The engineering and manufacturing of advanced X-ray generators is a core competency of Rigaku. To meet the current and future needs of a wide variety of X-ray applications Rigaku offers a range of X-ray generators (from compact sealed tube systems to the brightest microfocus rotating anode generator available today), precision goniometers, X-ray optics and detectors. Rigaku generators have a long-established reputation for outstanding reliability and performance.

As a global leader in analytical X-ray technology, Rigaku is committed to helping solve your X-ray analytical problems. To that end, Rigaku offers three rotating anode X-ray generators (the MicroMax-9, the MicroMax-007HF,and the FR-X), a microfocus sealed tube source (the MicroMax-003) and a variety if compact X-ray tubes from Newton Scientific, Inc.