18 kW rotating anode X-ray generator

A high powered X-ray source that can produce point or line focus X-ray beams

ultraX 18

The ultraX 18 is a powerful, high-frequency 18 kW X-ray generator designed for flexibility, high stability and low maintenance operation. It can be configured to produce either two point focus beams or two line focus beams, by changing the anode mounting orientation.

A standard table, of a breadboard design, will mount the anode housing in any position.



  • Powerful line and point focus rotating anode generator
  • The X-ray tube, high-voltage connection unit, and main vacuum system are compactly assembled on the top of the worktable
  • The X-ray tube position is easily adjustable for different optical configurations
  • The small-sized tube housing makes it possible to bring the optical system closer to the X-ray source
  • The X-ray tube in one compact body permits rapid start-up of the entire system
  • Choice of anode materials: Cu, Cr, Fe, Co, Ni, Mo, Ag, W, Au
  • An ideal high flux generator option for small molecule systems and many XRD applications


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