DSC 8230/8270 accessories


DSC Smart Loader
Compact and smart. Different types of sample crucibles according to the applications (uses) are selectable. Easy condition setting in a single operation window.
Liquid nitrogen auto feed type cooling unit
A liquid nitrogen auto feed system is connected to a cooling unit, allowing continuous feed of liquid nitrogen according to a temperature program. This option can be used for measurements of a wide range of heating and cooling rates.
Circulator type cooling unit
Cooling water from a circulator is flowed through a cooling unit, allowing continuous cooling. This option can be used for continuous measurements of heating and cooling. Tap water can also be used as cooling water.
Refrigerated cooling unit
A Stirling cooler with the latest cooling system is mounted, achieving a remarkable reduction in equipment size and weight, an improvement in cooling efficiency, and a reduction in power consumption. This option is environmentally friendly and fully CFC-free.