Differential thermogravimetric analyzer

Measure changes in weight in relation to changes in temperature


Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA) generally refers to the simultaneous application of thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) to one and the same sample in a single instrument. The measurement conditions are perfectly identical for the TG and DTA signals (same atmosphere, gas flow rate, vapor pressure of the sample, heating rate, thermal contact to the sample crucible and sensor, radiation effect, etc.). Rigaku adopts the horizontal differential triple-coil balance system which is the mainstream mechanism because the thermal drift which apparent mass change with increasing temperature becomes negligibly small.

TG can provide information about physical phenomena, such as second-order phase transitions, including vaporization, sublimation, absorption, adsorption, and desorption, while DTA can provide information on the transformations that have occurred, such as glass transitions, crystallization, melting and sublimation.

The Infrared heating furnace can be selected for quick heating and cooling. The sample is heated by infrared radiation emitted from infrared lamp.

The sample holders are easily replaced adopting the plug-in type holder. When replacing sample holders due to spillage, maintenance is quite simple. The auto sample changer can be attached to the standard TG-DTA. We can set maximum 24 samples and aside from continuous measurements, it can also perform single measurement as well as interrupt-a-sequence measurement.

Dynamic TG mode that is a sample controlled thermogravimetry (SCTG) where the heating rate is controlled in response to mass changes in the system's properties is equipped as the standard function.

The information gathered can even be enhanced by coupling the TG-DTA instrument to an Evolved Gas Analyzer (EGA) such as mass spectrometry (MS).


  • Accurate compensation on horizontal differential triple-coil balance
  • Compact furnace greatly speeds up heating and cooling
  • Dynamic TG measurement modes
    • Stepwise isothermal analysis (SIA) method
    • Constant rate control (CRC) method
  • Measuring temperature range
    • Ambient to 1100° : 8122 standard model
    • Ambient to 1500° : 8122 high-temperature model
  • Operating temperature range (maximum)
    • 950° : Infrared heating furnace model

Model TG-DTA Standard model High Temperature model TG-DTA Standard model TG-DTA with infrared heating*1 High Temperature model TG-DTA with infrared heating*1*2
Measurement temperature range Ambient to 1000°C Ambient to 1500°C Ambient to 950°C Ambient to 1500°C
Heating rate 100°C/min Ambient to 700°C (120 sec)*3 Ambient to 1000°C (60 sec)*3
Measurement method Horizontal differential triple coil balance system
Sample mass Up to 1 g
TG range (FS) 500 mg
TG resolution 0.1 µg
DTA range (FS) 2000 µV
Measurement atmosphere Air, inert gas flow, gas flow, vacuum, water vapor
Automatic sample loader*4 Samples: 24; Reference samples: 3; Calibration samples: 5

*1 Cooling water liquid. Tap water, 0.2 - 0.3 MPa, 3 l/min water pressure
*2 200 V power and PU-4K power unit are required
*3 Step-wise heating
*4 Option

  1. Measurement data protection function
    During measurement, when a connection error occurs between the station and the module, the module will continue to perform the on-going measurement and the data will be stored in the module. The stored data is retrieved using a PC after the measurement, protecting valuable measurement data.
  2. End operation settings function
    The ECO mode or power OFF can be selected after the end of measurement. The temperature and time condition can be specified.
    We can select a variety of operation condition of the attached forced air-cooling fan such as cool up to room temperature, not in use on continuous usage.
  3. ECO mode
    After completing measurement, the ECO mode can be selected in the stand-by condition reducing the electricity consumption. Especially in TG-DTA, the ECO mode facilitates immediate transition from stand-by to stable measurement conditions.
  4. First aid function
    When an error or problem occurs in the module, the error number, error description as well as troubleshooting measures will be displayed facilitating a quick and smooth recovery condition. Also the error contents are stored in log files and can be readily sent to the technical service department for an immediate appropriate response.
  5. ASCII data import function
    Using the conversion software, the Thermo plus EVO2 analysis software can analyze carious ASCII converted measurement data.
  6. E-mail function
    The Thermo plus EVO2 can transmit information by email such as end of measurement, measurement data, occurrence of an error to PC, mobile phones thru corporate LAN connection abs can confirm the condition of an on-going measurement at remote locations.
  7. Excel, Word output
    From the menu directly, the measurement file can be directly exported in Word or Excel. Also, the output style can be modified thru the layout editing function. When exporting data in Excel, the numerical data will be automatically created in the worksheet 2 allowing a convenient data analysis in other application software.
  8. Instrument usage history listing function
    This function automatically records the module’s usage. Information such as date of usage, module name, operator, temperature program and measurement results are filed and saved in the achieve list. The history use of the module and the time of use are clear and effective for management and maintenance.

TG-DTA accessories

HUM-1 Humidity Generator
Combining a humidity generator (HUM-1) and a TG-DTA instrument equipped with an electrical furnace surrounded by a water-jacket enables TG-DTA measurements in a humidity-controlled atmosphere up to 80°, 90% RH. A polymer type relative humidity sensor and a high-precision temperature sensor are used as the thermal sensor to achieve quick variation of the humidity, as well as stability for prolonged periods of time.
TG Smart Loader
TG-DTA auto sample changer: Compact and smart. Simple system enabling condition setting in a single operation window. Different types of sample crucibles according to the applications (uses) are selectable.


  • Compact sample changer, minimizing installation space
  • Conventional sample crucibles can be used without modification
  • A single sample can be transferred during manual measurement (set and return key function)
  • Faster and more efficient cooling, enabled with an optional proven cooling fan unit system
  • Compatible with an infrared furnace system that provides high cooling efficiency
  • Reliable operations realized by various sensors
  • Single operation window for quickly setting measurement conditions, temperature programs, and the sample changer

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