TMA 8310 accessories

TMA 8310

HUM-1 humidity generator
Combining a humidity generator (HUM-1) and a TG-DTA instrument equipped with an electrical furnace surrounded by a water-jacket enables TG-DTA measurements in a humidity-controlled atmosphere up to 80°, 90% RH. A polymer type relative humidity sensor and a high-precision temperature sensor are used as the thermal sensor to achieve quick variation of the humidity, as well as stability for prolonged periods of time.
Liquid nitrogen auto feed type cooling unit
A liquid nitrogen auto feed system is connected to a cooling unit, allowing continuous feed of liquid nitrogen according to a temperature program. This option can be used for measurements of a wide range of heating and cooling rates.
Liquid nitrogen manual feed type cooling unit
A compact low temperature electric furnace that broadens the measuring temperature range.
Dynamic TMA unit
Measurement methods
  • Constant contraction rate sintering mode
  • Constant contraction rate sintering multi-stage mode
  • Secondary function contraction control sintering mode
  • Combination mode