AutoMATE II applications

Evaluation of the effects of shot-peening treatment on the surface of a spring by X-ray stress measurement

Application 1Shot-peening treatment is applied to the spring surface. The residual stress along the depth direction is evaluated with AutoMATE II. The figure shows that the compressive residual stress on the sample surface is equivalent to -410 MPa and the maximum compressive residual stress, at the depth of 60 microns from the sample surface, is equivalent to -600 MPa. It also shows that in the deeper areas than 60 microns from the surface the compressive residual stress is getting smaller and smaller along the depth direction, indicating the typical stress state for the shot-peening.

Mapping measurement of the weld bead on a SUS304 plate

On the weld bead, the residual stress is approximately equal to zero. Tensile stresses from 200 MPa to 300 MPa are observed in the heat-treated area in the base metal. In the sandblasted area, the mapping chart shows that the tensile stress has changed to the compressive stress of about -1000 MPa by the sandblast treatment. By using the CCD camera with a zoom function, the images of the sandblasted and non-sandblasted areas are recorded as shown in the pictures.
Application 2
Application 3