Micro-Z ULS specs

Micro-Z ULS specifications


Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer

     - Includes vacuum pump

Elemental range: sulfur (S), LLD = 0.3 ppm

Application: analysis of fuels for sulfur content

Single measurement position (std. 35 mm cup)

Supported methods

• ASTM D2622-10

• ISO 20884 and JIS K2541-7


40 kV Cr-anode X-ray tube

40 W max power


Doubly curved RX-9 analyzing crystal

Sealed proportional counter

Fixed optics with switchable receiving slit

    - To select peak or background

Pulse height analyzer (PHA)


Sample analysis in air

Optics are under vacuum

Environmental conditions

• Ambient temperatures 15 28°C

Relative humidity <75% non condensing

• Vibration undetectable by human

• Free from corrosive gas, dust, and particles

Dimensions / power

• Analyzer: 450 x 410 x 440 mm, 36 kg

• Pump: 323 x 142 x 189 mm, 10 kg

• 100-120 VAC, 15 A or 200-240 VAC, 10 A


• Embedded dedicated processor

Proprietary operating system


Up to 10 calibrations

Up to 30 standards per calibration

Selectable analysis time (up to 900 s)

Drift correction

Pulse height analyzer (PHA) adjustment

User interface

• LCD display

• Embedded computer

• Membrane keypad and navigation


• Thermal dot printer

• RS-232C data output