Analysis of P, S, Cl in biodiesel

Phosphorus in biodiesel, which comes from lipids in the fuel, is harmful to diesel engines, so control of phosphorus content is crucial. Sulfur content in the raw material is very low, which means that the content of sulfur in biodiesel is also very low. However, since the sulfur contents in regular gasoline is regulated for environmental reasons, the content of sulfur in biodiesel oil is regulated as well.

EU 10 ppm max. 10 ppm max. EN14214
USA 10 ppm max. 15 ppm max. ASTM D6751

Regulations for phosphorus and sulfur limits in biodiesel fuel (B100)

Rigaku's Mini-Z P, S, Cl Analyzer is suitable for phosphorus analysis in biodiesel for EN14214, ASTM D6751. It is optimized for sub-ppm detection limits of P, S and Cl and features easy operation without chemical treatment of the samples. Easy sample preparation and operation reduces the need for a highly skilled operator. A helium atmosphere is maintained in the spectroscopic chamber and sealing film separates the sample chamber from the spectroscopic chamber, protecting the X-ray tube and the spectrometer in the event of a spilled oil sample.

suitable for phosphorus analysis in biodiesel

optimized for sub-ppm detection limits

Easy sample preparation

Calibration curves for phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine using the P, S, Cl Analyzer

Samples tested were prepared by mixing with hydrocarbons. Measuring time is 300 sec.

Mini ZA series of compact benchtop wavelength dispersive XRF analyzers, the Mini-Z series of analyzers are designed for analyzing specific single elements. Since the optics are optimally configured to a particular element, this series allows for high precision and low detection limits. Mini-Z can be configured as a Si analyzer (e.g., for coated Si on paper or plastic), an Al analyzer (e.g., for coated Al on paper or plastic), a Ni analyzer, (e.g., for Ni coating or plating), a Cl analyzer, a P analyzer (e.g., biofuels) or a Zr analyzer (e.g., for Zr coating). Read more about Mini-Z...

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