Trace elements in aqueous solution with UltraCarry

Elemental analysis of aqueous solutions into the low ppm and sub-ppm concentration ranges was demonstrated, using the advanced Cartesian geometry Rigaku NEX CG Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer in conjunction with the patented UltraCarry® sample preparation technique.



Trace element analysis of aqueous-based solutions is important in many areas, such as industrial manufacturing, quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) processes, environmental monitoring and remediation, as well as agriculture and general research. To meet the challenges of trace analysis into the ppb range, Rigaku offers the NEX CG EDXRF analyzer and the UltraCarry sample preparation disk. With the Rigaku system, trace analysis can be carried out by non-technical operators and experts alike, without the need for special scientific training and costly, complicated, time consuming sample preparation.

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NEX CGRigaku NEX CG delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements in a wide variety of sample types — with minimal standards. Unlike conventional EDXRF analyzers, the NEX CG was engineered with a unique close-coupled Cartesian Geometry (CG) optical kernel that dramatically increases signal-to-noise. Read more about NEX CG...

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