Brake Pads and Raw Material Mixtures

The elemental analysis of brake pads and raw material powders is demonstrated.



Brake pads are composed of various binders, abrasives, materials for structure and performance, and fillers. Raw materials include many materials including organics, resins, glass, metal chips and metallic compounds, minerals, petroleum coke and ceramics. Raw materials are mixed together in various proportions to obtain desired product specifications and performance and monitoring elemental composition along the mixing and production processes is vital for ensuring optimum product quality and specifications. To meet this industry need, Applied Rigaku Technologies offers NEX CG. Used by technical and non-technical operators alike, NEX CG is a fast and simple to use EDXRF analyzer ideal at-line or in the lab for monitoring and controlling elemental composition during raw material QA inspection, material mixture control, failure analysis and research.

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NEX CGRigaku NEX CG delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements in a wide variety of sample types — with minimal standards. Unlike conventional EDXRF analyzers, the NEX CG was engineered with a unique close-coupled Cartesian Geometry (CG) optical kernel that dramatically increases signal-to-noise. Read more about NEX CG...

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