S, V and Ni in Crude Oil

Analysis of sulfur, vanadium and nickel in crude oil is demonstrated.



Sulfur, vanadium and nickel occur naturally in crude oil, and their concentrations vary depending on the geographical region of the oil deposits. High levels of vanadium and nickel can foul the refining process during cracking, and so crude oil with low levels of vanadium and nickel is desirable and high levels must be removed before refining. At the refinery as well as midstream at pipelines and gathering points, a quick and easy means of screening and monitoring for vanadium and nickel is a valuable tool in characterizing the quality of the crude before refining. Applied Rigaku Technologies meets the industry analytical need with the NEX DE EDXRF analyzer. New excitation and detection technology achieves up to 500,000 cps throughput and very low background, yielding a 2X improvement in detection limits over previous models. This makes NEX DE an ideal multi-element tool for monitoring the concentrations of not only sulfur but also metals in crude, resid and other heavy hydrocarbons.

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