NEX DE software

Powerful Windows® based QuantEZ software

QuantEZ analytical software was specifically designed for the Rigaku NEX series of benchtop EDXRF analyzers. Running under the Microsoft® Windows® operating system, on either a laptop or benchtop personal computer (PC), the software offers all the functions required calibration and routine operation. Rigaku has developed software that is not only user-friendly, but sophisticated and powerful enough for the most complex analysis. Based on the famous Rigaku easy-to-use flow bar interface, QuantEZ software walks the user through steps required to setup either an empirical or fundamental parameters application.

QuantEZ screen

EZ Analysis interface, available in a variety of languages, is used for routine measurements. A live spectral display is shown in the right window.

NEX DE is optionally powered by new qualitative and quantitative fundamental parameters (FP) analytical software, RPF-SQX, that features Rigaku Profile Fitting (RPF) technology. The software allows semi-quantitative analysis of almost all sample types without standards – and rigorous quantitative analysis with standards. Featuring Rigaku’s famous Scatter FP method, the software can automatically estimate the concentration of unobserved low atomic number elements (H to F) and provide appropriate corrections.

RPF-SQX greatly reduces the number of required standards, for a given level of calibration fit, as compared to conventional EDXRF analytical software. As standards are expensive, and can be difficult to obtain for many applications, the utility of RPF-SQX can significantly lower the cost of ownership and reduce workload requirements for routine operation.