Electroless Nickel plating

The measurement of nickel, phosphorus and lead electrolessnickel plating on various metal substrates is demonstrated.



Electroless Nickel plating (EN) deposits a nickel-phosphorus or nickel-boron coating, providing an even, protective coating on metal or plastic materials for wear and corrosion resistance or cosmetic enhancement. In the case of phosphorus-nickel plating on a metal (PEN), the phosphorus content of typically 2-14% determines the metallurgical properties of the nickel alloy coating. A stabilizer such as lead is co-deposited with the nickel to slow down the reduction speed. Measurement and control of these elements in the plating bath and deposited coating is important for optimum product quality. To meet this industry need, Applied Rigaku Technologies offers the NEX DE VS benchtop EDXRF system. East to operate at-line or in the lab, the NEX DE VS uses a special fundamental parameters application method that automatically calculates the plated coating thickness and composition and measures liquids using simple empirical calibration. NEX DE VS automatic switching collimators also offer small spot measurement down to 1mm spot size for measuring plating on smaller pieces.

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