Sulfur & Chlorine in Crude Oil

AppNote 1331: the analysis of sulfur and chlorine in crude oil is demonstrated.



Monitoring the sulfur and chlorine content is important in various oils and oil products. In crude oil, chlorine may be present through natural processes or possible adulteration. If unmeasured or not corrected for, chlorine may bias the sulfur measurement or potentially cause damage in the refining process. The industry requires a fast, simple means of screening and monitoring the chlorine content of crude at the well site, along pipelines, during blending and other pre-refining checks. In these cases and others, Applied Rigaku Technologies meets the challenge of monitoring and measuring the sulfur and chlorine content of oils with the use of compact benchtop instrumentation that use semiconductor detectors that can easily resolve and measure the sulfur and chlorine, as well as vanadium and nickel present in the oil. See also App Note #1323.

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