Sulfur in crude

AppNote 1149: the analysis of sulfur in crude oil as per ASTM D4294 is demonstrated. The performance shown is applicable to:

  • light and heavy crude oils
  • residual oil
  • bunker fuels

Sulfur will always be an important element in crude oils and fuels oils. Sulfur content is regulated in many products, and plays an important role in fuel quality and control of polluting emissions. Around the world regulations are limiting the amount of sulfur allowable in diesel fuels, kerosene, heating oils, etc., thus affecting the price and quality of crude oil based on sulfur content of the crude. Reliably characterizing the sulfur content of crudes ensures proper quality for the various feedstocks at the refinery, and optimum blending ratios when blending different crudes to meet a desired sulfur concentration. Monitoring sulfur is also very important when characterizing other similar oils, like residual oils and bunker fuels. To meet the needs of the industry, Rigaku offers NEX QC, a simple and versatile benchtop EDXRF analyzer for the analysis of sulfur and other elements in crude oil, petroleum oils and fuels.
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