Sulfur (S) and chlorine (Cl) in oil

AppNote 1277: the analysis of sulfur and chlorine in oil is demonstrated, suitable for the measurement of crude oil, cutting fluids and high chlorine content used oils.



Monitoring the sulfur and chlorine content is important in various oils and oil products. In crude oils, chlorine may be present through natural processes or possible adulteration. Left unmeasured, chlorine may bias the sulfur measurement during crude oil blending or cause damage in the refining process. Cutting fluid efficiency and lubricity depends on the proper balance of sulfur and chlorine, as unbalanced amounts can cause damage to cutting tools and machined parts. Used waste oils can be made into fresh recycled lube oil or can be used as a secondary fuel in industrial furnaces. In these cases and others, Applied Rigaku Technologies meets the challenge of monitoring and measuring the sulfur and chlorine content of oils with the use of compact benchtop instrumentation that use semiconductor detectors that can easily resolve and measure the sulfur and chlorine, as well as other elements present in the oil.

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