Analysis of gold (Au) in leaching solution

AppNote 1299: analysis of gold (Au) in leaching solution



Various ores, tailings and slags can be processed to recover trace gold content. After grinding the ore to a fine powder, the material can be processed through various steps to make a slurry. Accurate quantification of the gold content during leaching using gold cyanidation or other liquid processing is critical for optimum control of the extraction process. Having a fast and simple technique for making the measurement adds significant value by allowing more frequent measurements to be made by skilled and unskilled operators alike. To meet this need, Rigaku offers the NEX QC+ EDXRF analyzer. The NEX QC+ analyzer utilizes direct excitation with proprietary filters to provide unmatched sensitivity and lower detection limits.

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NEX QC+For more demanding applications, or for situations where analysis time or sample throughput is critical, Rigaku offers the new NEX QC+ spectro­meter. Employing the next generation silicon detector technology, the enhanced NEX QC+ affords significant improvement in elemental peak resolution and counting statistics, resulting in superior calibrations and measurement precision for the most challenging measurements. Read more about NEX QC+...

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