Mg, Si, P, S, Cl, Ca, Zn, Ba and Mo in new lube oils demonstrated using the empirical approach

AppNote 1592: analysis of Mg, Si, P, S, Cl, Ca, Zn, Ba and Mo in new lube oils is demonstrated using the empirical approach



Quality control and quality assurance during the lube oil blending and manufacturing process is essential. Basic lube oil formulations containing only P, S, Ca and Zn are often augmented with additional elements and additives to create lubricating oils for specific needs. A fast, simple method of analyzing lube oils is important throughout the QC/QA process. Rigaku meets this industry need with a high performance low cost benchtop EDXRF system. Rugged and reliable, the NEX QC+ is an ideal tool for elemental analysis, with simple and intuitive software for the non-technical operator.

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NEX QC+For more demanding applications, or for situations where analysis time or sample throughput is critical, Rigaku offers the new NEX QC+ spectro­meter. Employing the next generation silicon detector technology, the enhanced NEX QC+ affords significant improvement in elemental peak resolution and counting statistics, resulting in superior calibrations and measurement precision for the most challenging measurements. Read more about NEX QC+...

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