Alloy chemistry by FP with NEX QC+ QuantEZ

AppNote 1595: the semi-quantitative measurement of metals in various alloys is demonstrated using the Fundamental Parameters approach without the need for a reference library.



Standard and specialty alloys vary in metal composition to give the alloy its specific physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Analyzing alloy composition by XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) is important to ensure the proper alloy grade meets the needs for its specific use. The Rigaku NEX QC+ QuantEZ system gives the operator a quick, simple and reliable means of checking alloy composition without damaging or changing the sample.

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NEX QC+For more demanding applications, or for situations where analysis time or sample throughput is critical, Rigaku offers the new NEX QC+ spectro­meter. Employing the next generation silicon detector technology, the enhanced NEX QC+ affords significant improvement in elemental peak resolution and counting statistics, resulting in superior calibrations and measurement precision for the most challenging measurements. Read more about NEX QC+...

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