Primus specifications

ZSX Primus specifications


Elemental coverage
₄Be through ₉₂U

Wavelength dispersive, sequential, tube below
X-ray generator

X-ray tube
End window, Rh-anode, 3kW or 4 kW, 60kV

HV power supply
High frequency inverter, ultra-high stability

Internal water-to-water heat exchanger

Sample changer
48 positions standard, 104 SSLS optional

Sample inlet
Air lock system

Maximum sample size
51 mm (diameter) by 30 mm (high)

Sample rotation speed
30 rpm

Primary X-ray filters
Al25, Al125, Ni40, Ni400 and Be (optional, for window protection)

Beam collimators
6 auto-selectable diameters: 35, 30, 20, 10, 1 and 0.5 mm
27 mm can be selected instead of 30 mm for SSLS

Divergence slit
3 auto-selectable: standard, high, and coarse (optional) resolutions

Receiving slit
For SC and for F-PC detectors

θ – 2θ independent drive mechanism

Angular range
SC: 5-118°, F-PC: 13-148°

Angular reproducibility
Ultra-high precision

Continuous scan
0.1 - 240°/min

Crystal changer
10 crystals, automatic mechanism

Vacuum system
2 pump high-speed system w/ (optional) powder trap

He flush system
Optional, with partition
Detector systems

Heavy element detector
Scintillation counter (SC)

Light element detector
Flow proportional counter (F-PC)

In-out automatic exchanger (1/10)