Analysis of natural and processed iron ores as pressed powder

Quality and process control analysis of natural and processed iron ores by pressed powder method.



ZSX Primus III+, with a 3kW Rh target X-ray tube, was used to measure the element lines of Fe, Si, Al, P, Mg, S, Ca, K, Ti, Mn, V and Rh-Ka Compton scattering (peak intensity only). For the Fe-Ka measurement, attenuator was used to obtain appropriate intensity without changing tube loading. Optional analyzing crystal Ge was used for phosphorus and sulfur measurement. Counting time for each element line was 40 s, except for Fe which was 20 s. Calibration equation for “total iron” is as following:

WFe = (AIR2 + BIR+ C) ⋅ (1 + ∑ α j Wj )

IR = I Fe  / ICompton

αj : theoretical alpha of element j
Wj : weight fraction of element j
IFe : intensity of Fe-Ka line
ICompton : intensity of Rh-Ka Compton line

Matrix correction coefficient (alpha) applied to the matrix correction in the calibrations were theoretically calculated by built-in FP software. The theoretical alphas for total iron calibration were calculated in consideration of Compton scattering ratio by Quant Scattering FP function integrated to FP software.

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