Silicate rock analysis by fusion method - 1019

Silicate rock analysis by the fusion method with a ZSX Primus III+ WDXRF spectrometer.



ZSX Primus III+, equipped with a 3 kW Rh target X-ray tube, was used to measure both major and trace elements. Each measurement was performed at the tube condition of 3 kW. All of the trace elements were measured with primary beam filter to improve detection limits. Matrix correction coefficients (alphas) applied to the matrix correction in the calibration were theoretically calculated by built-in fundamental parameter (FP) software. In the calculation of the theoretical alphas, ignition loss was set as balance component.

The standard samples used for calibration were 14 certified reference materials (CRM’s) supplied from the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ). These standards are composed of basic to acidic igneous rocks. Range of SiO₂ content in these CRM’s spans from 43.6 to 76.8 mass%. The well-dried (2 hours at 105 °C) samples were fused with flux (Flux100B) at a 1:2 ratio with a fusion machine.

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