Semi-quantitative analysis for geological samples

This application note demonstrates the determination of chemical composition in geological samples by using the semi-quantitative analysis method.



The need for quick determination of elements present in geological samples has been increasing for industries, environment and earth science. These requirements are, for example, exploration of resource, operation of mining, discrimination of contaminated materials hazardous to environment and human health and characterization for geochemical profiling.

Geological samples are generally composed of a wide range of elements. Therefore, the analysis method for such unknown samples requires flexibility in addition to speed.

Semi-quantitative analysis in modern XRF instruments is a unique method that is performed without any reference materials used for the unknown sample analysis. SQX is Rigaku’s semi-quantitative analysis (standardless analysis) program to obtain concentrations by theoretical calculation using the fundamental parameter (FP) method and internal sensitivity library. The calculation is performed by using results of sequential scan measurement from boron or fluorine to uranium. The program is integrated with the theoretical overlap correction function. Therefore, SQX analysis is highly optimized for screening analysis of unknown geological samples.

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