CT Lab applications

CT Lab applications

Ultra-high-speed CT scan and image reconstruction

applicationsCT image can be created by CT scan in 8 seconds and reconstruction in 15 seconds at top speed. Even in the high-resolution mode, scan time of 57 minutes is achieved, which dramatically reduces the scan time which requires two to three hours for high resolution images in general.

High-resolution wide field-of-view measurement

applicationsFine structures can be observed by selecting a field-of-view and resolution in the included original software. The minimum resolution is 4.5μm, and the maximum number of pixels is 8000×8000. In general, the field-of-view will narrow when the resolution is increased, but in CT Lab GX, the measurement can be performed while keeping the wide field-of-view even in high resolution mode.

Incorporating the “Sample-Stationary Method”

applicationsCT scan can be performed by just placing the measurement subject within the equipment, with no need to move the measurement subject. The sample can be positioned easily and CT scan can be done even for materials within a liquid with the lid kept open.