Small molecule crystallography products

As a global leader in analytical X-ray technology, the Rigaku Oxford Diffraction division provides the ultimate expertise and latest technology to suit your small molecule crystallographic requirements. To that end, Rigaku offers a range of five small molecule crystallography systems — combinations of area detector, goniometer, generator, optics, and software — to address particular needs in your lab, group or department.

Single crystal X-ray diffraction instrumentation

  XtaLAB mini
A compact benchtop system makes routine self-service crystallography possible for the synthetic chemist.
  Xcalibur & Gemini
Single or dual-source small molecule single crystal system to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern day laboratory environment.
The ideal diffractometer for small molecule crystallography in research laboratories and leading analytical service facilities.

Advanced system with latest HPAD detector and a variety of X-ray sources to give ultimate flexibility for wide range of applications.
A small molecule single crystal system with advanced image plate and a variety of X-ray sources.
    DualSource RAPID II
A dual source curved imaging plate system that includes a Cu microfocus sealed tube and a Mo standard sealed tube
Advanced curved area X-ray detector small molecule system
delivers exceptionally large reciprocal space coverage.

Three dimensional atomic structures of small molecules may be unambiguously determined by employing the technique of single crystal X-ray diffraction. This technique is applied across a wide range of areas, including new synthetic chemicals, catalysts, metal organic frameworks (MOF's), pharmaceuticals, and natural products.