Computed tomography

X-ray microscope

Tomography is the study of the three dimensional structure of an object by slicing it into thin sections. Microtomography implies that the slices are very thin; thin enough to be viewed by an optical microscope. Classical tomography is a tedious and time-consuming process, and can also result in significant perturbations to the sample. In X-ray tomography, the entire sample is imaged at multiple rotation angles. This multitude of images is processed by sophisticated computer algorithms to provide a three dimensional reconstruction that can be sliced in any direction, providing new insights into the internal features of the object. X-ray microscopy provides this visualization at a resolution better than a micrometer (µm).

X-ray microscope example


nano3DX   nano3DX
Microtomography of large samples at high resolution with parallel beam geometry
CT Lab GX   CT Lab GX
High performance stationary sample computed tomography of large samples at high resolution