Rigaku Webinars

Welcome to the Rigaku Webinar Series. This free webinar series is designed to provide educational and training materials in X-ray methods. We invite anyone to submit topic suggestions for future webinars and hope that you'll provide feedback for previous webinars. Note: to see the full list of webinars in our X-ray CT series, click here.

  • Sep 25 2019 - 1:00pm
    Presenter: Aya Takase

    A number of X-ray CT application examples in the food and pharmaceutical industries will be discussed. Examples to include the analyses of cracks and aggregation inside tablets, tablet and drug particle coating thicknesses, air pocket size distributions in food and sugar coating thicknesses of candies.

  • Jun 26 2019 - 1:00pm
    Presenter: Aya Takase

    An overview of X-ray CT data analysis techniques starting with basic image processing and leading to traditional segmentation, machine learning based segmentation and quantitative analysis. A number of commonly used data analysis and visualization programs will be discussed and demonstrated to help beginners to get an idea of where to start and select the right analysis tool for their needs.