Summer 2013, Volume 29, No. 2

  • Rigaku's analytical instruments for R&D and production of pharmaceutical materials by Yukiko Namatame and Yukihiro Hara
  • Drug discovery by single crystal X-ray structure analysis by Akihito Yamano
  • Evaluation of polymorphic forms by powder X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis methods by Yukiko Namatame and Hiroaki Sato
  • Pharmaceutical raw material inspection with handheld Raman spectrometer by Taro Nogami and Fumihito Muta
  • Analysis of trace impurities in pharmaceutical products using polarized EDXRF spectrometer NEX CG by Takao Moriyama
  • Introduction to single crystal X-ray analysisis IV. Data collection and processing by Akihito Yamano and Mikio Yamasaki
  • Small molecule system based on hybrid pixel array technology: XtaLAB P200
  • Micro area X-ray stress measurement system: AutoMATE II
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