Summer 2014, Volume 30, No. 2

  • 100-Year anniversary of X-ray crystallography by Hideo Toraya
  • A current perspective of the state-of-the-art in stress analysis by Akimitsu Nezu, Hitomi Matsuzaka and Ryouichi Yokoyama
  • Elemental analysis of PM2.5 with energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer NEX CG by Atsushi Morikawa
  • Introduction to single crystal X-ray analysis VI. About CIFs—Alerts and how to handle them by Akihito Yamano
  • Sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence analysis II. Pulverizing methods of powder samples by Atsushi Morikawa
  • Highly versatile multipurpose X-ray diffractometer: SmartLab 3
  • Single crystal diffraction systems based on hybrid pixel array technology: XtaLAB PRO series
  • Thermo plus EVO2: Thermodilatometer TDL 8411
  • High-resolution / high-speed 2D photon counting X-ray detector: HyPix-3000
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