In vivo applications

3D computed tomography for pre-clinical small animal studies

In vivo applicationsRigaku introduces the latest technology in X-ray computed tomography (CT) for laboratory animals. This in vivo 3D CT instrument allows samples to be monitored for long periods of time.

Cone-shaped X-ray beam for high-speed imaging

This CT exposes a cone-shaped X-ray beam onto the 2D detector. The rotation arm rotates 360° around a sample to acquire full 3D data. This provides 17-second high-speed imaging.

High-resolution microfocus X-ray source

90kV (maximum X-ray output) and 5 micrometer-focused X-ray source provide high-resolution images that allow users to study sections as small as 20 micrometers.

In vivo study

A sample can be periodically monitored in viable condition. This improves experimental efficiency dramatically.