X-ray detector products

HyPix-6000HE detector HyPix-6000HE
Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector offering direct X-ray photon counting, single pixel point spread function and extremely low noise
  HyPix-3000 detector   HyPix-3000
A next-generation 2D semiconductor detector designed to meet the
needs of the home lab diffractionist.
  EIGER R detectors EIGER R 
EIGER R hybrid photon counting (HPC) detector for X-ray crystallography
PILATUS3 R hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD) for X-ray crystallography
Xsight Micron CCD Xsight Micron CCD
Compact two dimensional (2D) X-ray CCD camera optimized for use in micron and submicron applications
  Xsight Micron sCMOS   Xsight Micron sCMOS
Compact two dimensional (2D) X-ray sCMOS camera for use in micron and submicron applications
  Xsight Mneme   Xsight Mneme
Provides real time visualization for general purpose X-ray imaging applications
xPIN detector xPIN
PIN diode based detector for alignment of laboratory devices or long term monitoring of X-ray intensity.