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Automatic processing of a large synchrotron dataset

AppNote PX012 Single crystal synchrotron data processing


CrysAlisPro is a comprehensive crystallographic software package for data collection and data reduction on Rigaku Oxford Diffraction single-crystal X-ray diffractometers. With two dedicated user interfaces (CrysAlisPro PX for protein applications and CrysAlisPro SM for small molecule applications), the software is easily optimized for specific experiments. Also, CrysAlisPro is not limited to processing data collected on Rigaku Oxford Diffraction systems. Users can easily import and read data from many external detector formats including CCD, CMOS, hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD) and imaging plate detectors. Thus, users can take advantage of CrysAlisPro processing workflows and algorithms on most datasets, no matter what instrument was used for data collection, whether it be synchrotron data or data collected on an instrument from another manufacturer. In this application note, we show an example of data processing for a very large synchrotron dataset.