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Data collection and improved spot resolution with the HyPix-6000HE HPC detector

AppNote PX015 Single crystal X-ray diffraction data improvement with a Hybrid Photon Counting detector


The HyPix-6000HE hybrid photon counting (HPC) detector is the latest detector for protein data collection designed by Rigaku. The HyPix-6000HE detector possesses all the benefits associated with HPC detectors: high sensitivity, large dynamic range, very low read noise, single pixel point-spread function and shutterless data collection. In addition, the HyPix-6000HE also features a small pixel size of 100 μm x 100 μm and a frame rate of 100 Hz. The small pixel size of the HyPix-6000HE facilitates improved spatial resolution for reflections from crystals with long unit cell axes, and enables data collection with shorter detector distances. The high frame rate of 100 Hz allows a coincidence correction for high count rates and greatly improves the accuracy with which reflection intensities are measured, especially for the strong reflections. Lastly, the HyPix-6000HE is air-cooled, thereby lowering its maintenance costs. The combined features of the HyPix-6000HE allow fast and high accuracy data collection for single crystal samples