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Micro powder diffraction

AppNote SMX008: Micro Powder Diffraction from a 3 μg Sample of CsAgCu(CN)₃ on a single crystal X-ray diffractometer


Traditionally, power diffraction experiments are carried out on dedicated powder diffractometers using relatively large amounts of sample (> 20 mg) and long exposure times (for example 15 min). Data on samples from Drs. Ann Chippendale and Simon Hibble from the University of Reading were collected on a Gemini S Ultra single-crystal CCD diffractometer from Rigaku Oxford Diffraction. The Gemini systems uniquely have both molybdenum and copper X-ray sources comounted on the same platform, making them ideal for a range of applications including chemical/protein crystallography and powder diffraction. This particular system has the high intensity Enhance Ultra X-ray source which is ideally suited for the measurement of powder diffraction patterns of very small samples, weighing only a few 10s of a μg or less.