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Improving data quality for a highly absorbing mineral, Hereroite, with the PhotonJet Ag source

AppNote SMX013 Single crystal X-ray diffraction using silver X-ray radiation


When collecting X-ray data on samples containing several heavy elements that are densely packed, for example; minerals, crystalline alloys, metal clusters and other inorganic materials such as perovskites, absorption can be an issue. The total absorption (μ) of any sample is dependent on the sample composition, packed sample density, the size of the crystal, and the X-ray wavelength. By reducing the latter you can lower the overall absorption and get improved data quality. For home-lab instruments considerable benefits can be found for these types of samples by employing silver radiation which has a shorter wavelength (0.56 Å).

In order to best utilize the shorter wavelength, a CdTe HPC detector was used. CdTe is better suited to absorb high energy X-rays and thus for Ag Kα experiments provides excellent performance