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Narcotics Identification using Handheld Raman Analyzer

AppNote RAD006: Narcotics Identification

Street drugs are typically contaminated with degradation products, impurities, diluents and unreacted precursors. Handheld Progeny ResQ Raman 1064 nm excitation reduces this interference.

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narcotics identification

Raman products from Rigaku

Improved ergonomics for more convenient identification and detection of chemical threats and narcotics – even in non-visible amounts - using the 1064 nm Raman advantage

A cost-effective solution for departments looking for targeted chemical threat analysis

Handheld Raman for raw material identification and finished product authentication using 1064 nm Raman analysis.

 The original handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzer to expand incident response by identifying more chemical threats and narcotics

Narcotics-focused analyzer to identify the latest opioid and fentanyl formulations