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Examining a five-dimensional incommensurate composite crystal structure by X-ray diffraction

AppNote SMX006: Examining a five-dimensional incommensurate composite crystal structure by X-ray diffraction


Modulated structures are a real test of a single crystal diffractometer. The presence of strong/intense Bragg reflections alongside weaker satellite peaks mean that, for successful characterization, it is compulsory to have the following:

  • A sensitive low noise detector with high dynamic range such as a Rigaku Oxford Diffraction CCD or HPAD to get accurate intensity measurements on even the weakest satellite peaks.
  • A powerful indexing and data reduction software package like CrysAlisPro to easily index the cell and multidimensional, multi-order satellite peaks as well as provide good results from data processing for solution and refinement in programs such as Jana2006.

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction’s sealed tube systems are an excellent match for conducting research on these materials

Small molecule crystallography products from Rigaku

A benchtop single crystal X-ray diffractometer with the latest technology HPC X-ray detector, ideal for self-service crystallography.

A microfocus single crystal X-ray diffractometer configured with an HPC direct detection X-ray detector and either one or two microfocus X-ray sources.

A high performance single crystal rotating anode X-ray diffractometer with a low noise direct detection HPC X-ray detector.

A high-flux, versatile X-ray diffractometer with HPC X-ray detector for multipurpose diffraction experiments and small samples

An upgradeable single crystal X-ray diffractometer for structural analysis of small molecule samples

A bespoke single crystal X-ray diffractometer with custom enclosure and the flexibility to utilize both ports of a rotating anode X-ray source.

User-inspired data collection and data processing software for small molecule and protein crystallography

A unique curved single crystal X-ray diffraction detector

Low noise, sensitive, air-cooled X-ray detector for superior X-ray diffraction data quality

Compact, highly sensitive X-ray detector for single crystal applications

High resolution X-ray detectors for X-ray diffractometers from DECTRIS

Automated crystal transport, orientation and retrieval robot