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Absolute Structure of L-Alanine

AppNote SMX007: Novel techniques in determining the absolute structure of a light atom-containing molecules


Determining the absolute structure of light-atom organic molecules is a developing field with several research groups working on novel statistical methods in data refinement. All of these methods require precise experimental determination of very small differences in the intensities of related reflections. With high intensity sources and ultra-sensitive, low noise detectors coupled with efficient data collection strategies Rigaku Oxford Diffraction’s micro-focus SuperNova X-ray diffractometer is well suited to this field.

Small molecule crystallography products from Rigaku

A benchtop single crystal X-ray diffractometer with the latest technology HPC X-ray detector, ideal for self-service crystallography.

An upgradeable single crystal X-ray diffractometer for structural analysis of small molecule samples

Fast, flexible single crystal X-ray diffractometer with the latest generation sources and HPC X-ray detectors, perfect for any crystallography lab

Single crystal X-ray diffractometer with high-flux microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator

Versatile and high-flux dual-wavelength (DW) X-ray diffractometer with HPC X-ray detector for multipurpose diffraction experiments

Single crystal X-ray diffractometer with custom enclosure and flexibility for easy integration of accessory components

Automated crystal transport, orientation and retrieval robot

User-inspired data collection and data processing software for small molecule and protein crystallography

Single wavelength Confocal Max-Flux (CMF) optics for single crystal diffraction

Low noise, sensitive, air-cooled X-ray detector for superior X-ray diffraction data quality

Compact, highly sensitive X-ray detector for single crystal applications

A unique curved single crystal X-ray diffraction detector

High resolution X-ray detectors for X-ray diffractometers from DECTRIS