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Evaluation of chocolates

TA-6014: Evaluation of chocolates


When making a chocolate product, there are some original manufacturer's know-hows such as in crushing and refining etc., therefore, the flavor of chocolates becomes an entirely different product, even if using the same cacao crude material. The main processes are crushing, refining and preliminary crystallization; however, these processes frequently involve temperature control, thus, the ratio of each crystal form changes and the rank of food texture becomes different due to temperature transition.

For an example of the evaluation of crystalline for the product in thermal analysis technique, DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) measurement is well known. In this present work, we evaluate two commercially available chocolates employing Thermomass for composition of the chocolate products.

Evolved gas analysis products from Rigaku

In TG-FTIR, gases evolved by volatilization or thermal decomposition are qualitatively analyzed, which allows you to track changes in the generated amount along with the temperature change.