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Mini-Z sulfur analyzer

AppNote XRF-MZSA01: Mini-Z sulfur analyzer


The need to determine sulfur in fuel oil to lower levels quickly, easily and cost-effectively has created the demand for instruments that exceed the limits of typical XRF systems. The petroleum industry has research and development facilities that can support the purchase of larger XRF systems but there is also the need for fast analysis of sulfur at a large number of satellite locations. The operators at these sites may not be trained lab technicians, so the analysis instrument must be straight forward, uncomplicated and rugged. To meet this demand, Rigaku created the Mini-Z sulfur analyzer. This single-element WDXRF system fulfills all the requirements for remote or line analysis. The Mini-Z sulfur analyzer is a small benchtop system that is simple to use and maintain, plus it requires only helium gas and a standard electrical outlet for operation. A number of tests were performed using the Rigaku Mini-Z sulfur analyzer to determine the LLD and to gather statistical short- and long-term data. 40 mm liquid cells were used with a thin gauge support film. The samples were run in an air atmosphere with the instrument under helium atmosphere. A film barrier maintains the helium atmosphere in the analyzing system.

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