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Benchtop WDXRF ultra-low sulfur analyzer for fuel oil

AppNote XRF-MZSA02: benchtop WDXRF for ultra-low S in fuel oil


Regulations concerning the sulfur content in fuel oil, such as diesel fuel and gasoline, have been tightened. In one regulation, the sulfur content is limited up to 10 ppm in diesel fuel. In addition, the regulated value of the sulfur content is supposed to be lower. Therefore, analysis methods in which such low sulfur concentrations can be quantified are required. ASTM-D2622 and ISO-20884 are the analytical standards that comply with the regulations. These standards specify that wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometers shall be used and also that measurement of the peak and background of the S-Kα line are required.

WDXRF products from Rigaku

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WDXRF ultra low sulfur analyzer for method ASTM D2622

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