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Coating analysis options using WDXRF

AppNote XRF-MZZR03: coating analysis options using WDXRF


Coating is an important and common technology used in various industrial fields. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) enables easy and high-precision analysis for coating thickness without destruction or consumption of sample. XRF also requires little or no simple sample preparation to analyze coating thickness. Designed to enhance corrosion protection or to create a special surface appearance, conversion coatings are critical to the aluminum beverage can industry. Trending towards environmental safety, chromium-free conversion coatings—such as Zr—are becoming more commonplace. WDXRF has been found to be an ideal analysis tool for determining coating thicknesses in applications such as this. A Rigaku Mini-Z Zr analyzer was used to demonstrate the ability of XRF in this application. Seven Zr-coated coupons were used as reference materials to create a calibration line. The coating weights ranged from 0.0 mg/m² to 13.0 mg/m².

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