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MgO & P₂O₅ in Phosphate Rock

AppNote XRF1587: MgO & P₂O₅ in Phosphate Rock


Phos rock (phosphate rock, rock phosphate, phosphorite) is mined from high phosphorous clay deposits and processed to be used in fertilizers. During mining and processing it is critical to measure and monitor the levels of P₂O₅ and MgO, as well as the other major oxides CaO, Al₂O₃, SiO₂ and Fe₂O₃ to ensure proper product quality of the physical and chemical properties desired. To meet this industry need Rigaku offers NEX QC+ EDXRF analyzer. The self-contained unit with touch screen operation is ideal for at-line quality checks by non-technical operators, as well as in the QA/QC lab.