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Rigaku events

Booth number Date Location Event website
TOPIQ | Quantitative phase analysis based on Rietveld method for data collected on MiniFlex600 Webinar Register Now!
TOPIQ | Rigaku Progeny 1064 Nm Raman As A Versatile Solution For Raw Material ID And Verification Webinar Register Now!
TOPIQ | CrysAlisᴾʳᵒ 40: 64-bit, Synergy, HyPix-Arc 150°, AutoChem4.0, Ewald 3D Webinar Register Now!
TOPIQ | How to Work from home Webinar Register Now!
TOPIQ | Processing Of A Twinned Data Set In CrysAlisᴾʳᵒ And Structure Solution In Olex² Webinar Register Now!
TOPIQ | Supermini200 – compact, versatile and most powerful elemental analysis in petrochemicals Webinar Register Now!
XOPT’20 & PMJ - Online event Website
TOPIQ | Micro XRD with a single crystal diffractometer Webinar Register Now!
TOPIQ | What To Do When the Lights Go Out - Rethinking the Homelab for Structural Biology Research Webinar Register Now!
X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials & Life Science 5: Plant Science Applications Webinar Register Now!
Cofrend Days - Marseille, France Website
New England Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association Conference - Newport, RI Website
ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference - Online event Website
CARS Recycling Show H2 - Coventry, UK Website
IAFC Hazmat 2020 415 - Baltimore, MD Website
Japanese Association Forensic Toxicology Conference - Japan
IPMI 44th Annual Conference - Henderson, NV Website
AAPG/ACE 2020 1303 - Houston, TX Website
CARI Convention 39 - Halifax, NS Canada Website
CORROSION 2020 609 - Houston, TX Website
ISRI Gulf Coast Conference - Houston, TX Website
International Chemical & Petroleum Industry Inspection Tech Conference - Sugar Land, TX Website
CBRN 2020 12P - Fort Leonard Wood, MO Website
National Homeland Security Expo - Chicago, IL Website
FL Narcotic Officers Assocation Conference - Lake Buena Vista, FL Website