Due to the COVID-19 induced cancellations of the Microscopy & MicroAnalysis, Denver X-ray, and American Crystallographic Association physical conferences this summer, Rigaku will be live webcasting a 3-day virtual Analytical X-ray Convention from our laboratory facility in Texas. The webcasts will take place Tuesday 8/4 – Thursday 8/6 and will feature live seminars on X-ray techniques and live instrument demonstrations.


Keisuke Saito

Title: Product Manager X-ray Diffraction
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

For over 25 years Keisuke’s work has been focused on X-ray diffraction for material science. He has been appointed product manager for XRD in Rigaku since 2011. Keisuke holds a PhD in Material Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Akhilesh Tripathi

Title: XRD Applications Manager
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

Akhilesh has been involved for 20 years in materials characterization using powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction work. In these endeavors Akhilesh has used a number of X-ray techniques including Rietveld analysis, small angle X-ray scattering, thin film characterization and other quantitative phase analysis techniques. He has an extensive experience in conducting related training, both onsite and offsite. Akhilesh holds a PhD in Chemistry from Stony Brook University.

Jiawanjun Meredith Shi

Title: XRD Senior Applications Scientist
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

For over 10 years, Meredith’s work has been focused on X-ray techniques, mostly X-ray Diffraction to study crystal structures. Meredith has worked on powder XRD Rietveld refinement as well as thin film analysis. Meredith holds a PhD in material science from Alfred University.

Erina Kagami

Title: XRD Applications Scientist
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

For 16 years Erina’s work has been focused on X-ray diffraction in Rigaku Japan and US. Erina has used X-ray fluorescence also. Erina holds a Master of Material Science and Engineering in Japan.

Ekaterina Vinogradova

Title: XRD Applications Scientist
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

Ekaterina has over 15 years of experience in the field of X-ray diffraction. Ekaterina has used a number of X-ray techniques including Powder Diffraction, Thin Film analysis and Small Angle X-ray Scattering. Ekaterina holds a PhD in Materials Science from National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Glenn Williams

Title: Manager, XRF Analytical Services
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

Glenn has over 20 years’ experience in materials characterization and analytical chemistry. After working for roughly 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry at companies including Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, Glenn came to the sweltering heat of Houston, Texas to join Rigaku Americas Corporation. He has since specialized for the last 7 years in X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry applications. Glenn holds a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from SUNY Buffalo.

Thanh Nguyen

Title: Senior XRF Applications Scientist
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

Thanh has over 25 years’ experience in analytical chemistry and bio-analytical working at Merck Pharmaceuticals and Merial Animal Health Division. Thanh joined Rigaku Americas Corporation roughly 6 years ago to take on new analytical challenges in X-ray Fluorescence – material as well as human ones! Thanh holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from The University of The Sciences in Philadelphia.

Bob Burton

Title: XRF Sales Manager
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

Bob has over 33 years of experience in elemental analysis and 27 years of XRF experience. He is passionate about XRF and isn’t afraid to let it show! Bob’s position of XRF Sales Manager in Rigaku Americas Corporation allows him to share that knowledge and passion every day. Bob has a degree in Applied Chemistry from Trent Polytechnic in the UK.

Tom Concolino

Title: Southeast Regional Account Manager
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

Tom has been with Rigaku for 20 years first serving in the Applications Lab focused on Small Molecule Crystallography before transitioning to the sales team where he has been since 2002. Tom’s sales position handles all Rigaku products from both the Life Science and Materials Science units. Tom holds a PhD in Chemistry from Mississippi State University.

Aya Takase

Title: Director of X-ray Imaging
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

For over 20 years Aya’s work has focused on the development of advanced analysis and testing methods using X-ray technologies. Aya believes user-friendly X-ray tools can greatly help materials science researchers and works with Rigaku staff and users to design automated, user-friendly CT and XRD systems. Aya is also at the forefront of Rigaku’s development of application specific customer training programs. Aya holds a MA in physics from Tokyo University of Science.

Angela Criswell

Title: X-ray CT Senior Scientist
Organization: Rigaku Americas Corp

For over 20 years Angela’s work has been focused on X-ray techniques to study structural biology. Angela has used a number of X-ray techniques including X-ray Crystallography, Small Angle X-ray Scattering, X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Computed Tomography. Angela holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Rice University.

Dr. Mike Marsh

Title: Research Fellow
Organization: Triclinic Labs

Simon Bates is currently a Research Fellow at Triclinic Labs. He received his PhD in Applied Physics from the University of Hull focusing on the magnetic properties of rare earth materials. Simon’s early work at both Philips NV and Bede Scientific focused on the development of high-resolution X-ray diffraction and X-ray reflectivity methods for the measurement and modeling of advanced materials. His current work at Triclinic focuses on the development of advanced characterization methods for formulated pharmaceutical products based on structure (polymorphism, crystallinity, amorphism) and microstructure (texture, strain, nano-crystalline states) functional relationships in the solid state.

Simon also holds and appointment as an Adjunct Professor at LIU in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He will be presenting some general concepts of his most recent paper X-ray diffraction from non-crystalline materials: the Debye model, published in The International Tables for X-ray Crystallography in 2019.

Dr. Chris Moore

Title: Vice President for Technology
Organization: Covalent Metrology

Dr. Chris Moore is currently the VP for Technology at Covalent Metrology. Chris holds a PhD in Solid State Physics from the University of Waterloo. He has extensive experience in metrology technology and systems, leading teams that have designed UV to mid IR optical tools, high-speed X-ray mapping systems, and photoluminescence systems. With over 30 years in the metrology field Chris has gained widespread experience in the measurement and characterization of semiconductor materials and devices, flat panel displays, solar cells, batteries, MEMS and micro-fluidics.

Dr. Mike Marsh

Title: Dragonfly Product Manager
Organization: Object Research Systems

Dr. Marsh earned his PhD in Structural and Computational Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. He has worked in imaging technology and solutions, with an emphasis on 3D visualization and analysis, for over 15 years. His academic training was in biological sciences, but he has been tasked to develop other areas of expertise for commercial development, including materials sciences and geosciences. This expertise has led to contributed book chapters, review articles or invited talks spanning these multiple disciplines. His scientific imaging and image processing covers X-ray CT, TEM, SEM and SEM-related microanalysis. For the last four years, Dr. Marsh has worked as the Dragonfly Product Manager at Object Research Systems.

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