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Narcotics / Illegal Drugs

Application: Narcotics / Illegal Drugs

Narcotics identification is a global issue and a rapid response time is often crucial for front-line officials. Traditional testing techniques for illegal and controlled substances can be time consuming and costly, with samples required to be sent to analytical laboratories. Laboratory analysis requires the use of trained personnel, costly analytical equipment and expensive consumables and chemicals. Results can take days to months holding up a possible conviction process.

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The use of handheld Raman instruments has revolutionized field testing of narcotics and other illicit substances. Many issues associated with testing times and costs have significantly decreased. Even more importantly, handheld Raman analyzers provide a means for the officer to scan through packaging, reducing the risk of exposure to dangerous synthetics, such as fentanyl. By providing fast results for on-site narcotics identification in both bulk and trace amounts, law enforcement officials are able to resolve potential hazardous situations safely. Further, the U.S. Scientific Working Group for the Analysis of Seized Drugs (SWGDRUG) recognizes Raman spectroscopy as a Class A analytical technique for presumptive field testing.


Designed for the non-scientist with results that are easy to interpret, the Progeny ResQ FLX provides full capabilities for the scientist as well. The rapid response time, easy operation, and ability to scan through glass, plastic and other container material demonstrates how the Progeny ResQ FLX is a highly effective tool for narcotics identification.


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Improved ergonomics for more convenient identification and detection of chemical threats and narcotics – even in non-visible amounts - using the 1064 nm Raman advantage