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Characterization of GaN-related materials using high-resolution XRD

Winter 2014 Volume 30, No. 1
Katsuhiko Inaba

Although high-resolution X-ray diffraction (HR-XRD) has been commonly employed for the crystallinity characterization of GaN-related materials, special care is required due to the complexities resulting from peculiar features in GaN-related materials, as explained in the preceding article.

General explanation for the application of HR-XRD techniques to the characterization of semiconductor epitaxial films or bulk single crystals can be found in various textbooks. Therefore, this article will focus on special considerations to be taken in the application of the HR-XRD technique to GaN and related optoelectronic and power-electronic device materials.

In addition, the latest hot topics in the HR-XRD characterization techniques for GaN-related materials will be shortly reviewed.


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